Launching Indigenous job seekers into meaningful and sustainable careers with a week-long pre-training session and culturally appropriate wraparound supports.

Indigenous Tech Career Pathways provides First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) job seekers with enhanced wraparound services and Elder-led counselling to support their successful completion of the NPower Canada program and their transition into meaningful employment in the tech industry. NPower Canada has partnered with FNMI community leaders and stakeholders in designing more inclusive programming for Indigenous youth and adults interested in exploring and pursuing tech careers.

Activities include:

  • Opening prayers and sharing circles
  • Career and personal exploration activities
  • Life skills coaching
  • Culturally relevant wrap-around support

Throughout their training, participants will receive:

  • Access to Elders or Knowledge Keepers, programs and additional services.
  • Laptops for youth who lack home computer access.
  • Continued wraparound support from community agencies throughout the 15-week session including support from Elders or Knowledge Keepers.
  • Once enrolled, participants will continue to receive counselling and guidance from Elders, along with maintaining their connections to services provided by referral partners.
  • Graduates of this session get to share their knowledge and have the opportunity to become mentors for the new cohorts.

Our Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely nothing. Our programs and these sessions are completely free and provide additional support to help you succeed.

No, NPower Canada is not Indigenous-owned or operated. However, NPower Canada acknowledges that we must listen and learn while collaborating closely with Indigenous Organizations. Our goal is never to take away from the community, but rather to give back in the form of co-created education models and supports for launching Indigenous job seekers into successful IT careers. NPower Canada also hires FNMI people to lead any and all projects that relate to their people in Canada.

Yes, you can. You do not require any prior knowledge to apply to our programs, all you need to bring is your ambition and willingness to succeed.

Most jobs today require some form of technical knowledge. The IT industry is expansive and growing every day. IT and Tech are not only about computer hardware and software. Tthere are many pathways to take in the industry after completing our programs.

If you are accepted into the program, you have access to several supports to help you succeed. These include but are not limited to access to a laptop, help with childcare, meal and transportation stipends, professional clothing, access to elder guidance and support through our Indigenous Organization partners, peer mentoring and professional development skills development.

Yes, the Indigenous Tech Career Pathway (ITCP) is designed to specifically support and enrich the experiences of FNMI job seekers. However, our Junior IT programs are open to all eligible job seekers.

Our Junior IT programs will equip you with in-demand digital skills to succeed in the IT industry and other related fields. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to learn technical skills and network with others in your community.

For that reason exactly. The IT industry is severely lacking diversity, especially the talent that FNMI people bring to the table. Lead by example and become a champion of technology, show others that IT is possible.

Yes. We have a growing number of FNMI  alumni that have graduated from our free IT programs with the support of these wrap-around services and are seeking or have secured employment. You can be next.