Omer Caliskan
Junior IT Analyst Graduate, 2019
Technical Advisor

Omer graduated from the Turkish Naval High School in 2016 and moved to the United States to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He was unable to complete his degree and was forced to come to Canada as a refugee in 2019 due to security and safety concerns in his home country of Turkey. With no Canadian work experience and partial college completion, Omer worked in low-wage survival jobs including working as Uber driver.

Omer hoped to secure a meaningful employment in the IT sector as a data scientist or cloud computing expert but did not have the resources or network to find a job on his own. Omar joined NPower Canada with a drive and desire to develop his professional and personal skills, to enter the job market and be successful in the IT sector.

“Despite all the personal challenges I was facing, the NPower Canada program was manageable because of the support I received from the great staff and my fellow participants,” says Omer. “Throughout the program, aside from building the foundation of my technical knowledge, I have developed more confidence.”

Omer performed very well during the program and successfully achieved the CompTIA A+ certification. Within two months of completing the program, he secured a role as a Technical Advisor, assisting clients and sharing expertise with technicians.

“To the staff, thank you for being here for us and pushing us even further when we didn’t want to push ourselves.”