A rewarding career is here for you.

NPower Canada launches Canadian job seekers into meaningful and sustainable careers in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field. We pursue our mission through a proven, employer-driven workforce development program, providing low-income Canadians with a full spectrum of support from skills training to direct job placement.

This requires a team that is skilled, passionate and committed to our mission and our core values.

NPower Canada is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NPower Canada welcomes and encourages applications from people from all walks of life including those with disabilities, Black, Indigenous and people of color. NPower Canada will make every effort to accommodate any needs of candidates through the hiring process, under the Human Rights Code. Please inform us if you require any accommodation through the hiring process.

This is an outstanding opportunity to see the tangible results of the work you do, connecting directly with diverse learners, many of whom have struggled to access or complete post-secondary education in a high-touch environment. This is a genuine chance to impact a young adult’s life, empowering them to contribute back to their community as they grow personally and professionally.

Growth potential
You will have ongoing opportunities to expand your skills and grow your career. As we continue to expand our program offerings both locally and nationally, we will increase the size of the Alumni Placement team. You could move up to a Team Lead, a Manager, or an Account Manager role and beyond. Over 75% of our staff have grown their capacity and moved up in roles and responsibilities since starting here. If you are passionate about our purpose, you will find a fulfilling career path here.

You will have the opportunity to work with leaders, team members, and partners in the workforce development field to address the growing issue of un/under employment. Your work will also directly impact the growing skills gap in the I.T. industry in Canada.

“We are having a long-term impact on people’s lives. It’s a rewarding experience to hear the success stories and to hear alumni reflect on how we helped them change their job search into a career trajectory.”
• Shane Lyons, Director, GTA Programs

You will be part of our continuously evolving purpose, to reflect the needs of our employers and respond to the needs of the Canadians we support. We are always looking for ways to change, and we want team members to propose and try new ideas.

You will make a measurable difference in people’s lives. Everything we do, and every action we take at NPower Canada is motivated by the chance to change lives.

You will have the opportunity to channel the desire and drive of the youth and adults we serve. We support Canadian jobseekers in overcoming adversity to achieve their career aspirations. The people who make up our teams are genuinely committed to making a difference.

You will be part of an industry-driven program that is growing strategically. We are always testing and evaluating new curriculum and approaches to programming. We foster a growth mindset and take pride in the way we change lives.

You are all in. And so are we. From admissions to alumni, from operations to fundraising, everyone within the organization works in partnership with each other. We are wholly focused on the opportunity we have to elevate NPower Canada’s mission and build a work and life skills program that is unique to Canada.

Tangible outcomes
You will be rewarded personally and professionally as you become a part of the communities we are raising up. What we offer is transformative, and each of us has a chance to see and hear the direct impact we have on the lives of the youth and adults we serve.

“I feel like I’m part of the best group of people who don’t back down from challenges our youth face. We are goal-oriented and want to help young people succeed in all aspects of their lives.”
• Denisse Alejo, Director, Employer Engagement

NPower Canada is consistently considered a “best in class” workforce development organization and our staff are key to our success! At NPower Canada our staff are diverse, engaged, and dedicated to fulfilling our mission and providing high quality, impactful programs.

We offer a team-based, outcome focused environment with a commitment to staff learning and development and we offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

How we are supporting our staff and program participants during the pandemic
As the COVID-19 pandemic has grown and evolved, NPower Canada has kept the safety and well-being of participants and staff at the heart of our planning and decisions.

We continue to move our mission forward by providing underserved young and adults with in-demand digital and professional skills training, and by connecting them to new and rewarding career opportunities.

  • As of March 13th, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, NPower Canada temporarily closed all physical locations and pivoted immediately to fully online program delivery.
  • Our staff are currently working from home and have risen to each challenge with creativity, dedication, and thoughtfulness.
  • NPower Canada continues to support all individuals currently enrolled in our program with the completion of their training through online learning and coaching, including group webinars, digital labs, individualized tutoring and counselling offered virtually.

Hiring and onboarding during COVID-19
NPower Canada continues to grow and expand and we are recruiting for a number of staff positions. We have updated our policies and practices to support the continued health and safety of our job applicants and staff members.

  • Interview and on-boarding of new employees is conducted remotely
  • We have systems in place to deploy computers and other equipment to new staff
  • Remote IT and tech support available to all employees
  • Employee mental health and wellness resources available
  • Group benefits program and employee development plan has been enhanced
    Group benefits program and employee development plan enhanced
  • Enhanced onsite workplace safety and health protocols for all locations