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“I’ve been looking for a way to give back to my community and absolutely love the approach that NPower Canada is taking. I look forward to continuing to be involved in future volunteer events.”

Volunteer from Accenture

NPower Canada’s corporate volunteer engagement program provides professional development support to participants by connecting them with industry leaders. NPower Canada is pleased to provide different levels of volunteer opportunities to its partners, which can be offered in-person or virtually.

Our volunteering program creates meaningful opportunities for corporate volunteers to coach, mentor and inspire deserving job-seekers. Direct support and encouragement by industry professionals is invaluable to under-represented talent as they pursue tech futures by teaching the digital and professional skills required by the marketplace.


Group Events

NPower Canada’s corporate engagement events bring participants together with volunteers who are established in their careers. Building networks and relationships with successful corporate sector professionals empowers diverse job seekers from barriered backgrounds with the confidence and assurance needed to pursue promising careers in technology.

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1:1 Mentorship Program

NPower Canada’s Mentorship program connects mentors from the corporate workforce with our participants in training through one-on-one, weekly mentorship conversations over a two-month period.

Group Events

“I’m very happy that I connected with professionals I would not get a chance of meeting outside of NPower Canada. I learned a lot about what career to pursue with my traits and skills, as well as how to communicate with others better within the workplace during today’s networking event.”

NPower Canada participant, May 2022

“I was grateful via Microsoft’s relationship with NPower Canada to give an hour long presentation with 100+ participants about career tips and tricks, networking, and success stories. It was inspiring, impactful, and long-lasting. NPower Canada staff supported me throughout the entire preparation process.”

Microsoft Volunteer

Software Development Career Talk with Google, April 2022
Deloitte Impact Day, October 2022
Financial Literacy Presentation with ATB, November 2022
Virtual Networking Event with TD, November 2022

1:1 Mentorship Program

NPower Canada’s participants are often from barriered, underserved backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in the corporate world. This mentorship program equips them with meaningful career conversations, guidance and resources which can significantly impact their access to employment opportunities and long-term career success.

“My mentor has been a great resource for me and a good support system. Whether it was establishing a career path for my new and existing skill set or assisting me in understanding new ways to grow as a professional, they were extremely helpful. I enjoyed learning about their job and current projects, seeing demonstrations of his company’s products and services, and getting a glimpse into their role.”

NPower Canada participant, February 2022


“I’ve had the pleasure of providing 1:1 mentoring to three different amazing students of the NPower Canada mentorship program. It’s been an inspiring experience for myself as an industry professional, to learn about the modern career aspirations and technology interests of the mentees. Our weekly sessions have leveraged the NPower Canada mentorship framework as a foundation, from which we’ve explored a vast array of topics including the future of technology roles, participation in local tech communities, continuous skilling, individual contributor leadership, growth mindset, how to be memorable through the job application & interview process, and the new world of hybrid workplace. It’s safe to say I’ve gained at least as much insight and energy from the mentees as I hope they’ve gained from me. Thank you NPower Canada for fostering this collaboration for our Canadian technology workforce.”


NPower Canada provides virtual and in-person 1:1 mentorship opportunities