As a demand-driven workforce development organization, NPower Canada’s top priority is to align its programs with the needs of the marketplace, equipping diverse job seekers with the skills most valued by employers.

To achieve this goal, the NPower Canada Industry Council was established in November 2015. The Industry Council is comprised of leaders from a variety of organizations that employ junior IT talent. Information gathered at bi-monthly meetings helps to inform the NPower Canada curriculum and ensures that NPower Canada participants are equipped with in-demand technical and professional skills.

National Industry Council

Christine Bonner

Christina Fung

Walid Saleh

Dan Gregatti

Tina Scott

Andrew Davidson

James Dalli

Paul Klysen

Magdy Karam

Rekha Narang

Cliff Hennig-Pereira

Frank Manieri

Sindhu John

Kamana Tripathi

Alberta Industry Council

Keith Burns

Nichole Geleta-Weal

Ben Williams

Chantelle Wollbaum

Chris Dublanko

Rick Marten

Mikaela Nuval

Pascal Theriault

Travis Sharpe

Matt Ramsay