Goal 1

Become Canada’s leading workforce development brand

Goal 2

Achieve the broadest national impact serving as many underserved youth and adults across Canada as possible

Goal 3

Integrate core values of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) into programs, partnerships, staff, and governance

Delivering on our Strategic Plan

  • Our first bilingual site, and fifth national site, was launched in November 2022 in Québec
  • Expanded to rural and remote communities by offering programs province-wide in Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia
  • Expanded our age eligibility to serve individuals 18+
  • Diversity and inclusion among the board and staff continue to be a priority to ensure organization reflects the communities we serve. 45% of our board identify as female, and 18% are Indigenous. 69% of our staff is female and gender diverse, 52% is racialized, 16% have disabilities, and 11% are from the LGBTQ2S+ community
  • 98% of our staff completed new EDI training in 2022, built in partnership with Canadian Equity Consulting
  • Undertaking a randomized-control trial in partnership with Blueprint to better understand how our programs affect and improve the lives of our participants
  • Plan to serve 5,000 job-seekers a year by 2025