Goal 1

Become Canada’s leading workforce development brand
  • Become better recognized as employers’ talent channel of choice
  • Achieve high SROI – improve socioeconomic profile of diverse youth
  • Strengthen brand recognition among stakeholders & the public

Goal 2

Scale the NPower Canada program in the GTA and nationally
  • Serve at least 1,130 diverse youth in the GTA per year by 2022
  • Serve 750 Calgary youth by end of 2022
  • Place over 2,400 GTA alumni into jobs by the end of 2022
  • Launch third national site in Jan. 2021 and fourth national site in Sep. 2021

Goal 3

Scale effectively and in alignment with core values
  • Model diversity & inclusion throughout the Board and staff
  • Remain focused on digital skills
  • Continue to be employer-driven and responsive to market demands

Delivering on ourStrategic Plan

  • A new GTA Central site launched in January 2020 with two classrooms and central administrative offices.
  • Two new national sites in distinct provinces will be launched in January 2021 (Halifax) and September 2021 (Vancouver).
  • GTA West will double its capacity as of May 2020 by piloting an A/B cohort delivery model; Calgary will also pilot this model as of Jan. 2021.
  • Diversity and inclusion among the board and staff continues to be a priority to ensure the organization reflects the communities we serve. Over the last 3 years the diversity of the board of directors has increased from 15% to 50% representation from racialized communities, with over 70% of staff and management representing visible minority, Indigenous or LGBTQ2S+ communities.
  • Established the Youth Advisory Council comprised of NPower Canada Alumni, to provide a youth voice for the organization through their chair who sits on the Board of Directors.
  • New Director of Marketing & Communications was hired & new Marketing- Communications Plan and Social Media Strategy established to strengthen brand recognition to drive continued growth.