At NPower Canada, we are focused on ensuring the success of all participants who enter our programs. To support each individual along their career journey, we provide resources and services, in addition to our program curriculum.

Indigenous Tech Career Pathways

Indigenous Tech Career Pathways provides First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) job seekers with enhanced wraparound services and Elder-led counselling to support their successful completion of the NPower Canada program and their transition into meaningful employment in the tech industry. Available in Alberta only.

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Wraparound Supports

We offer holistic wraparound support and referrals to participants to ensure a successful transition to employment.

Learning Success

At NPower Canada, our goal is to equip all participants with the tools they need to be successful in the learning environment and beyond.

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Technology Loaner Program

We provide technology through our loan program to ensure the success of each participant. Participants can apply for this support during the admissions process. 

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These supports and services are available to all applicants and participants who require them.

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Indigenous Tech Career Pathways

NPower Canada has partnered with FNMI community leaders and stakeholders to design more inclusive programming for Indigenous job seekers interested in exploring and pursuing tech careers.

Activities Include:
  • Opening prayers and sharing circles
  • Career and personal exploration activities
  • Life skills coaching
  • Culturally relevant wrap-around support

Participants receive:
  • Access to Elders of Knowledge Keepers
  • Continued wraparound support from community agencies
  • Continued counselling and guidance from Elders, along with connections to services provided by referral partners
  • The opportunity to become mentors for new cohorts, and share their knowledge with others.

Wraparound Support

Here are a few examples of wraparound supports our participants can access:

For more information, review the Wraparound Support at NPower Canada document.

Learning Success

Here are some of the ways we support participants to succeed in our programs:


For more information, review the Learning Success at NPower Canada document.