Know someone that should join our program?

Provide their name and email address and we’ll do the rest.

Please ensure that anyone you include below has given you permission to share their contact information with NPower Canada.

 Read over the complete program details, expectations and requirements to ensure that your referral is completed. See below for complete program details and information. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Talk about NPower Canada to Friends and Family

Alumni and Current Participants are encouraged to talk about NPower Canada with their family, friends and network. You are the best advocate to share your experiences. Having these discussions will create interest for anyone you speak with. 

Step 2: Submit your Referrals

After you have talked about your experience, your friends, family and professional connections will most likely be interested to learn more. Let them know that you can submit a referral on their behalf. 

Once you have permission – please follow the simple rules below to send your submission. It’s a simple email that we need from you. This will allow us to contact the individual you are referring!

Step 3: Have them apply online!

After your submission email including their full name and email, and we receive your email, they will be registered with our Admissions Team as your referral. 

Have them then apply to one of our programs through our Application available on each program page. During the Application, there will be a section to fill out with your name. This allows us to connect your referral submission with their application based on name and contact information.

Program Details

What’s in it for you?

Each qualified referral counts towards your reward bonus! That’s right – there are real rewards that you can earn simply by making referrals. 

Take a look at the current rewards and reward amounts below:

Submission Details

As mentioned above to ensure that we can count your referrals – you are required to submit each name to our Admissions Team. If you do not make this submission before they apply, we cannot count these towards any reward. The referral would be forfeited.

Please complete the following to make your submission: 
  1. Get permission from the individual(s) that you will be sharing their full name and email with NPower Canada. 
  2. Send an email to with the subject line “REFERRAL SUBMISSION – JANUARY 31, 2021”. Include in the email the full name and email address of each referee, one referee per line.
  3. Please indicate yourself in the email as well.  This helps us to track your bonus level. 


Alumni are deemed as participants that have graduated from any NPower Canada Program since our start with Program 1.

Current Participants are those who are enrolled in the program from any site in Ontario and Calgary (or Halifax when they begin classes in January 2021). Current Participants have successfully completed the screening process (including bootcamp) and have been admitted to the full program.*

The Reward List is the list of qualified candidates referred by an Alumni or Current Participant.

The Reward Total is the total number of candidates referred by any one Alumni or Current Participant.

The Bonus Total is the total of value of the reward at each tier of the program. Bonus Totals are for the entire tier, not each referral

Alumni and Current Participants will be referred to as REFERRER(S)

Candidates referred by Alumni and Current Participants will be referred to as REFEREE(S)

The Alumni Referral Bonus Program rewards alumni and current participants who refer qualified candidates to the program. Alumni and current participants will only have those candidates who qualify counted to their reward total. ANY CANDIDATE REFERRED WHO DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THE PROGRAM FOR WHATEVER REASON WILL NOT COUNT TOWARD THE REFERRER’S REWARD TOTAL.

For those who are qualified by the NPower Canada Admissions Team, successfully complete the screening process, including the one week bootcamp, and are admitted to the full program, they will be included in their referrer’s reward list.

The referee must state the full name (First name and Last name) of the referrer, on the application form in the field “Briefly explain how you heard about NPower Canada” so the referrer can be credited with the referral.

There is the opportunity for the Referrer to submit the names of their referees. To submit your referrals, send an email to with the subject line “REFERRAL SUBMISSION – JANUARY 31, 2021”. Include in the email the full name and email address of each referee separate on each line. The referrer must inform each referee that they are providing the Referee’s Name and contact information to NPower Canada.

  • By sending this email the Referrer attests that they have notified all referees that their name and contact information are being submitted to NPower Canada and that the referee has given permission to do so.
  • NPower Canada will retain and use this contact information to contact referees and to administer this program.
  • By sending this email the Referrer agrees that you have read and will be bound by these rules.

All referrals received up to the start of the January class will be considered as long as the referees qualify and are admitted to the full program. Once the cohort begins all subsequent referrals will be applied to the next class start.

Our Programs run throughout the year in three (3) cohorts: January – April, May – August and September – December


All Rewards prizing and program dates are subject to change.

NPower Canada reserves the right to change, alter, or discontinue this program at any time, without prior notice. NPower Canada will not be liable or responsible in the event of any technical errors or issues resulting in submissions not being received.

* Those participants who are dismissed from the program for whatever reason do not qualify for this competition.