To contact us, please call our Head Office at: 647-689-5850, press 8 to access our company directory. You can also connect with us by using our Toll-Free number: 1-844-204-9219, and our online directory.

Headshot Image of Julia Blackburn on a white background at NPower Canada

Julia Blackburn

Chief Executive Officer
Nisha Lewis

Nisha Lewis

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot Image of Denisse Alejo on a white background at NPower Canada

Denisse Alejo

Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement and Business Development

Headshot Image of Michelle Campbell on a white background at NPower Canada

Michelle Campbell

Vice President, Programs & Partnerships

Molly Hill

Vice President, Development

Miriam Aiken

Regional Director, British Columbia

Vanessa Herrick

Regional Director, Quebec

Lisa Moon

Regional Director, Alberta

Tyler Sweeney

Regional Director, Nova Scotia

Lisa Livingstone

Director, Finance & Operations

Shelly Spence

Director, Human Resources

Christina Kozakiewicz

Interim Director, Marketing & Communications

Alix Kempf

Director, Development

Tamika Walker

Director, Innovation and Quality

Joshua Redhair

Director of Admissions

Derek Darch

Senior Director, Employer Engagement

Talitha Pegus

Interim Director, Employer Engagement

Ivana Popadic

Senior Director, Education
Strategy & Operations

Anita Iyakaremye

Director, National Education

Kaesha Clarke

Director of Alumni Programs and Services