Fiscal year 2019 marked the 5th Anniversary since NPower Canada was founded and was a transformational year for the organization. We embarked on a successful expansion to Calgary, Alberta – our first location outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – and began laying the foundation for our future expansion across Canada.

‘A New Big Picture’
CEO & Chair Message

The bedrock of 2019 was our revised Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 (2.8). During FY2018 the board (2.4) developed a 3-year strategic plan that was finalized in early 2019. The planning process included a review of the mission statement,goals, strategies, assumptions, and financial projections. The three overriding goals remain:

1. Become Canada’s leading workforce development brand
2. Scale the NPower Canada program in the GTA & nationally
3. Scale effectively and in alignment with core values

Financial statements