2020 was a year like no other for NPower Canada. Of course, there was the global pandemic, which brought with it unprecedented uncertainty, and a number of challenges, but there were also remarkable opportunities, new partnerships and innovations that made 2020 our most successful year yet.

We began the year expanding in the Greater Toronto Area, delivering our program to 100 additional youth in classrooms at 700 Lawrence Ave in Toronto – a location that now houses our flagship head office location. Enrollment across our four GTA sites grew by 71%, from 510 in 2019 to 873 in 2020. National enrollment grew by 75%, from 590 (510 GTA, 80 Calgary) in 2019 to 1,033 in 2020, including the doubling in size of our Calgary program.


When we founded NPower Canada 5 years ago, together with Chief Development Officer Andrew Reddin, we could only dream of the growth and expansion of our programs that we are now experiencing. While our program was originally designed to serve 100 youth per year, we’re happy to report that at the end of 2019 over 1,399 youth have graduated from our programs.
The bedrock of 2019 was our revised Strategic Plan for 2019-2021. During FY2018 the board developed a 3-year strategic plan that was finalized in early 2019. The planning process included a review of the mission statement, goals, strategies, assumptions, and financial projections. The three overriding goals remain: 1. Become Canada’s leading workforce development brand 2. Scale the NPower Canada program in the GTA & nationally 3. Scale effectively and in alignment with core values