Graduate Success Story – Berka Y.

Berka – Junior IT Analyst – Ontario – 2020 Graduate

Berka Yilmaz moved to Toronto from Turkey in February 2020, a couple of months before the city went on its Covid-19 lockdown. She thought she couldn’t have chosen a more unfortunate time to immigrate. A university graduate, Berka struggled to find a job. Her lack of Canadian work experience didn’t help either. It was a chance encounter with one of our alumni that finally opened a door for her.

Berka lost no time. She signed up for our Junior IT Analyst program. She saw the organization’s impact on underprivileged and vulnerable youth. What she saw gave her hope to dream, and determination to make the dream real.

During her 15-week training, Berka was provided tech training and assistance in fine-tuning her skills, both personal and professional, that would help her thrive in a Canadian workspace.

After earning her Google IT Professional certification, Berka had to wait only two months before she secured a job at Shopify. Now she feels that her life in Canada has truly begun.

“NPower Canada’s support motivated me on this difficult journey,”

she said, and we are glad she chose us.