Graduate Success Story – Afia T.

Afia T. – Ontario  – Junior IT Analyst – 2020 Graduate

Afia came to Canada from India in 2019 with her family. She applied to jobs on Indeed, and despite having a Master’s degree from back home, she was having no luck landing a job due to her lack of Canadian experience.

As a newcomer, I faced a lot of challenges preparing my resume and landing interviews, and wasn’t up to date with the most recent IT knowledge,” said Afia.

Afia asked her friend for advice on her resume, who suggested Afia take a look at NPower Canada’s programs. Afia hoped that the program would help her to bridge the gaps she was unable to overcome alone, and enrolled in our program.

NPower Canada groomed me professionally and personally. They not only helped me to be well versed with IT knowledge, but also helped me improve my communication skills tremendously.

Today, Afia is working as a Technical Support Specialist at Ecobee, and continues to take advantage of our access to Jelly Academy courses through our partnership, and our 5 years of alumni support. We are excited to continue supporting her in her career journey.