Graduate Success Story – Ahmad B.

Ahmad – Junior IT Analyst Program – Ontario – May 2021 Graduate

Like many of us, Ahmad struggled to find a job in the midst of a pandemic. Despite scouring job search boards and applying to over 50 jobs, Ahmad couldn’t secure a role.

Ahmad recognized that “the pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce, and automation” and that many more workers would be “needing to switch occupations.” He was working as a driver to make ends meet, but was looking for a more stable career.

The Arab Community Centre of Toronto referred Ahmad to NPower Canada. Ahmad was immediately interested in our Junior IT Analyst program. He had taken a couple tech certifications in the past, but had not enrolled in a holistic workforce development program.

Having a program where he could learn in-demand tech skills and focus on personal and professional development made a big difference to Ahmad. “During my time with NPower Canada, I learned a lot about time management and how to be more intentional in searching for a job,” he shared. He grew in confidence and even asked to lead a presentation for his peers.

Another memorable experience was graduation. For Ahmed, “graduation is one of the most important parts of life because it marks a chapter in our book of life, so it can stay with us forever as a memory”.

Here’s Ahmed’s advice for other jobseekers:

“Keep in mind that every step you take to reach your goal should be on the right path – and taking the NPower Canada program will be the first step to reach your goals.”

Ahmad is currently employed at Bell and one day hopes to land his dream job as a System Administrator.