Graduate Success Story – Alex A.

Alex – Junior IT Analyst – Nova Scotia – May 2021 Graduate

Alex was interested in tech, but wasn’t sure how to get his foot in the door. Nova Scotia Employment Services referred him to NPower Canada. Although the Junior IT Analyst program would equip him with in-demand tech skills, Alex was nervous to join. He is legally blind and was worried that his visual impairment would be an obstacle to his success.

However, he found that NPower Canada was able to accommodate his needs. Already the fact that the course was delivered online owing to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that transportation (which has added challenges for individuals with visual impairment) was no longer an issue. Alex could be comfortable in his own space while learning tech. By being adaptable and advocating for his needs, Alex was able to overcome his visual barriers.

Alex learned a lot from the Junior IT Analyst program. here’s what he had to say about how the program helped him overcome career hurdles,

“[The NPower Canada program] allowed me to branch out my networks and tap into a job market that I had not had experience [in] before,” through “new tech skills as well as interpersonal skills.”

When asked what his most memorable experience was, Alex said there were too many to choose from.

Thanks to his hard work and NPower Canada’s support, Alex was able to break into the tech market and land a job as a Client Services Representative for Manulife. The program helped him realize that if you ask for help, you often will receive it. His advice to others is to “be accountable. You get what you put into the course. Be willing to communicate with people when you need help. You will also have tough days, but that just means you are learning something you haven’t yet.”

Alex doesn’t have it all figured out yet, but he knows that determination and hard work will get him where he needs to go. In his opinion, a dream job is “one where you enjoy what you do, pays the bills, and gives the flexibility to balance both work and life. That’s always different […] and it may not always be what you expect it to be. Knowing what your values are, finding those opportunities, and [being] willing to expand your skills are the keys to getting there.”