Graduate Success Story – Alusine K.

Alusine K. – Manitoba – Junior IT Analyst – 2023

Alusine immigrated to Canada from Gambia to pursue new opportunities for himself and his family. With a background in project management and data analysis, he was prepared to make the transition into a new career, though as a newcomer, his journey was not as seamless as he had hoped until he found NPower Canada.

Upon his arrival, Alusine had difficulties establishing himself within the Canadian job market. Despite having experience and skills in previous roles, it was challenging for Alusine to find positions that matched his qualifications. As a newcomer, Alusine also felt limited in his access to opportunities because his credentials were not recognized in Canada and employers were hesitant to move his applications forward. “Some employers might have biases or hesitations about hiring immigrants due to concerns about language proficiency, cultural fit, or unfamiliarity with international qualifications and experience,” shared Alusine

Alusine realized that he needed to make a pivot in order to launch his career path, so that he would be able to call Canada home. He learned about NPower Canada and felt relieved that there was a solution to make his transition easier.

NPower Canada’s supportive community and networking opportunities were invaluable to Alusine. As for his career, Alusine shared that he gained access to job opportunities that he previously could not access due to “skill gaps or lack of local credentials.” He reflected, “Participating in this program has substantially boosted my professional skills. The program equipped me with the expertise needed in today’s job market.”

Alusine not only grew professionally, but personally too. He recalled, “The program has contributed to my personal growth and confidence-building. It instills a sense of accomplishment and empowerment.”

Overall, NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program served as a step forward for Alusine to find a job in the technology sector. By providing the necessary skills, experience and support systems, NPower Canada helped Alusine advance his career potential in tech.

Alusine’s advice to anyone considering the Junior IT Analyst program is simple: “Stay focused, remain dedicated, and approach every opportunity with enthusiasm. Your commitment will not only propel you through the program, but will also set the stage for a rewarding career journey ahead.”