Graduate Success Story – Ansel W.

Ansel W. – Manitoba – Junior IT Analyst – 2023
Ansel, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, recently graduated from the NPower Junior IT Analyst program. He was selected to be the speaker to represent his province at our final graduation ceremony of 2023.

Before embarking on his transformative journey with NPower Canada, Ansel found himself at a crossroads. He struggled with self-confidence and grappled with the challenges of unemployment after being laid off from his previous job.

The turning point came when Ansel discovered NPower Canada through Instagram. He reflected, “Growing up, I always had a passion for technology… and tinkering with various components…NPower Canada rekindled that passion.” He continued, “[The program] also equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the IT field.”

Throughout his time in the Junior IT Analyst program, Ansel felt supported by the NPower Canada team. “The comprehensive assistance, including mental health resources, the opportunity to engage with industry giants like Google and Okta, and the guidance from dedicated mentors, made the journey truly wonderful,” Ansel shared. He expressed his gratitude to his instructors, who “played a pivotal role in breaking down complex technical concepts into easily digestible terms.” He added, “The professional development sessions honed my skills, fostering teamwork, leadership, communication, and other crucial abilities.”

After graduating from NPower Canada, Ansel had transformed. He regained his confidence, overcame his fear of interacting with others, and learned how to express himself more effectively. Completing his Junior IT Analyst certification further solidified his knowledge and competence in the tech field.

Ansel concluded, “NPower Canada has not only equipped me with the technical skills required for the IT industry but has also empowered me with the confidence and resilience needed to navigate the professional world successfully. I look forward to utilizing these skills in my future endeavors. I am grateful for the invaluable experience and support provided by NPower Canada and its partners.”

Congratulations, Ansel! We can’t wait to see where your journey will take you next!