Graduate Success Story – Anusha A.

Anusha – Junior Data Analyst – Ontario – May 2021 Graduate

Anusha arrived in Canada in March 2020 to try and kick start her career. She completed various certifications and applied to countless jobs, but wasn’t receiving calls back. She had no experience with the Canadian job market and did not know how to tailor her resumes effectively.

What drew Anusha to NPower Canada was the focus on professional development as well technical training. She wanted in-demand tech skills, but also needed support with professionals skills such as resume building and interview tips. She enrolled in our Junior Data Analyst Program.

While her newcomer status had always felt like a burden, through the support Anusha received at NPower Canada, she began to build her confidence and equip herself with leadership skills. She found our program so valuable that shortly after finishing the youth program, she enrolled in one of our alumni programs.

Both programs allowed Anusha the “opportunity to learn top skills that are in-demand … as well as mentors to help me resolve issues.” She said that she was also “provided with lots of additional resources which helped me to gain more knowledge and complete the tasks on time.”

Now that Anusha has landed a job as a Technical Analyst, and is also a Scrum Master “because of the leadership skills which [she] learned in NPower [Canada’s] programs,” she feels very proud of herself – as she should. She hopes to pass on her advice to other newcomers so they can be successful in their careers in Canada.