Graduate Success Story – Ayisha R.

Ayisha R. – British Columbia – Junior Data Analyst – 2023

Ayisha, a recent NPower Canada graduate speaker, proudly represented her province, British Columbia at our final ceremony of 2023. Her completion of the Junior Data Analyst program was a milestone she was excited to achieve. Her journey was one of endurance and perseverance, as Ayisha described her discovery of NPower Canada to be “a transformative program that has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional trajectory.”

Before Ayisha joined NPower Canada, she lived in India. She moved to Canada in 2022 to experience new opportunities. While immersing herself in a new country, she faced obstacles when seeking employment due to her lack of Canadian experience. Ayisha stated, “I began to think that I needed to upskill myself in order to start a career within the Canadian job market. I didn’t know where to start, until I came to know about the NPower Canada program.”

When Ayisha started the Junior Data Analyst program, she immediately found a sense of belonging within a community of like-minded individuals. She saw the opportunity to apply her theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, which helped her learn coding languages and prepare for her future career in tech. Ayisha shared, “As a mother of two kids, it was a challenging time for me to balance studies with personal life commitments…however, a driving force behind my enthusiasm at this time were my instructors.”

Another aspect of the program Ayisha enjoyed was the professional development sessions. She learned how to build her resume and prepare for interviews. “Using these skills, I am currently searching for a job in quality assurance and data analysis. I am bold enough to attend interviews with the training I acquired in the program… Now I can navigate the job market with confidence,” said Ayisha.

Ayisha felt a transformation in her personal and professional life after she completed NPower Canada’s Junior Data Analyst program. Her hard work and dedication helped her find a newfound confidence in herself and she is hopeful for her future. She recommended NPower Canada to her friends who went through similar beginnings as newcomers to Canada. “I will cherish the relationships I cultivated in the program, from my mentors, classmates and loved ones who have been there every step of the way. The world awaits our unique talents and contributions to make a positive impact in our communities,” she expressed.

Overall, Ayisha is grateful to have found her way to NPower Canada. She developed key skills needed for the Canadian workforce and recognized her full potential. When asked for her final thoughts about NPower Canada’s programs, she responded with:

“The skills I learned are not just tools for a job but are the building blocks of a successful and fulfilling career. I previously doubted my ability to share my ideas, but now I am confident enough to express my views and to face real life challenges. Along with the technical skills I’ve acquired, I’ve also gained soft skills that are equally important in the workforce, such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Thank you NPower Canada for the opportunity to grow.”