Graduate Success Story – Becca B.

Becca – Junior IT Analyst – Calgary – May 2021 Graduate

Before joining NPower Canada, Becca faced obstacles to employment. While some of these obstacles were due to her limited technical knowledge, what really stood in Becca’s way was her lack of confidence in herself, her fear of uncertainty, and her feeling like it was too late for her to try something new.

Thankfully this would all change! As Becca spent another day browsing job career sites, she found NPower Canada, discovered the Junior IT Analyst Program, and immediately applied. She was drawn by the impressive employment opportunities and the additional support NPower Canada offered to Indigenous youth. She remembers fondly, “I am aboriginal and [NPower Canada] asked me if I wanted to take part in a ‘Sharing Circle’ where we would talk about all things important and about ourselves. We once had an elder who told us stories, and the speaker for each Sharing Circle was a kind-hearted individual who would sing us traditional songs, and teach us about traditional practices.”

Being able to learn and share more about herself helped Becca become more confident. She gained both skills and pride in areas she had struggled with before: public speaking, interview skills and time management. Becca said that she wasn’t expecting the tech programs to provide more than IT-related skills, but is so glad that they did.

Becca is now employed as a Support Analyst Intern and she takes “pride in every task that [she] complete[s] in that office.” Gone is her timid nature, replaced with pride and confidence. To those considering NPower Canada, Becca has this to say,

“My advice is to always reach out if you need help, in any way. People care about you and your success and if you work hard in life, regardless of where you are now, you will find yourself somewhere that you’re really proud of.”