Graduate Success Story – Chris M.

Chris M. – Ontario – Junior Data Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Chris is a proud graduate of the NPower Canada Junior Data Analyst program. Residing in Ontario, Chris worked in the IT industry for most of his career, both in corporate and entrepreneurial roles. Although he had experience in the field, he realized a crucial need; to not only be “an expert in technology, but an expert in learning”. Chris shared, “the ability to learn, adapt and share knowledge has served me well over the years”. As a single father of three, Chris was eager to demonstrate to his children that learning is an important tool that can help them grow, regardless of age.

As he was self-taught in the tech field, Chris wanted to gain formal training and earning certifications so that he could expand his skill set and update his resume. The pandemic had changed the IT industry, and Chris recognized the “need to improve his marketability”, so he joined NPower Canada.

As the Junior Data Analyst program progressed in a fast paced environment, Chris had to juggle his work, studies and caring for his family, but thanks to the support of his instructors, Chris was able to overcome these challenges. Chris also appreciated the “enthusiasm and expertise” of his instructors, who guided himself and his peers through an accelerated certification program, ensuring his cohort was set up for success professionally and technologically. In addition, Chris enormously benefited from the networking and learning opportunities organized by NPower Canada and their industry partners. He reflected, “I found [these opportunities to] be wonderfully instructive and meaningful.” Chris also expressed his gratitude for his peers:

“Perhaps the most rewarding part of the training was being able to celebrate each other’s successes, and share in the satisfaction that we collectively achieved something remarkable, in such a short period of time.”

Chris reported feeling more confident in his career path and job search now that he has “achieved both the IBM Data Analyst and MS Azure Fundamentals certifications”, and has a positive outlook on what the future holds for himself and his family.

Chris found value in an environment where collaboration and knowledge-sharing were praised, and credited NPower Canada for demonstrating these shared values. Chris’ hard work during his time in the Junior Data Analyst program, was not only noticed by his peers, but also his family who celebrated the completion of his training alongside him. In fact, it inspired his eldest son, who enrolled in the Junior IT Analyst program:

“He tells me how excited he is about all the opportunities and knowledge that are becoming available to him.”

Chris felt that being in the NPower Canada program “has been a blessing and honor”. He expressed his deep gratitude to “all of the instructors and staff at NPower, and all of their industry partners, for helping all of us achieve bigger and better things!”

Congratulations Chris! We are excited to see what you do next on your journey!