Graduate Success Story – Christian G.

Christian – Junior IT Analyst – Ontario – May 2021 Graduate

“NPower Canada changed my life. I went from being a basement-dwelling, late-night bar industry worker with declining health and serious financial issues, to a Technical Analyst working for Canada’s biggest bank. I now have upward mobility, zero debts, and an investment portfolio. I telecommute from home, I feel that my work is valued by my peers, and I live in a nice apartment with a wonderful partner and four cats. If I could go back in time – I’d kick myself for not applying to NPower Canada sooner.”

Before joining NPower Canada, Christian was doing what he could to make ends meet and pay off his debt. He was living at home to save on rent, but the financial and emotional burdens were reaching a breaking point for him and his family. He was DJing on weekends to make an income while applying to entry-level IT jobs, but was having no luck. The long nights were taking their toll on Christian and the little income he made was not enough to pursue traditional educational courses.

A friend of Christian’s told him about NPower Canada. He was immediately interested. “The three-month program enabled me to focus full time on earning relevant certifications and soft-skills which I was unable to otherwise afford,” he said.

Wanting to make the most of the opportunity, Christian worked extremely hard during the Junior IT Analyst Program. He earned his certifications after only eight weeks, despite his exam anxiety. Christian recalled, “when I left my CompTIA A+ examination, I was sweating and panicked, despite all the effort I had put into studying the material, applying myself in the manner coached by my NPower Canada instructors. Seeing that I had not only passed, but passed with a high score, was one of the most satisfying moments of my life.”

Christian landed a job with RBC shortly after graduating from NPower Canada and was able to apply the tech skills he learned to his new role. He took advantage of being able to network with various teams at RBC, and said “the soft-skills I learned vis-à-vis effective communication at NPower Canada helped me to achieve recognition, leading to several rapid promotions.” It’s the soft skills that he believes “separate entry-level from mid-level” employees.

Christian feels like NPower Canada gave him a much needed chance.