Graduate Success Story – Claire L.

Claire L. – Junior Data Analyst – Ontario – January 2022

Claire immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong and set her sights on landing a job in tech. She knew that she needed local experience, a supportive environment to learn new technical skills, and help determining a clear career path.

Claire was thrilled when the Community Family Services of Ontario told her about NPower Canada. Our Junior Data Analyst was able to offer her the pieces she was missing. She enrolled in our program and began equipping herself with practical and in-demand technical skills that helped her land multiple interviews. It was hard work, and there were many times where Claire doubted herself,

“I had my fair share of struggles and self-doubt. There were times where I felt frustrated and unsure if I could continue the program – it is intensive – but given the circumstances, over and over, I’d still 100% commit myself to joining the program because the lessons taken from the course have had far-reaching effects on both my personal and professional life.”

Claire is now employed with OECM, a non-profit that helps individuals generate savings through collaborative strategic sourcing – and she has a tip for current and future NPower Canada participants:

“Think of NPower Canada as the guidance and tools you need to succeed. At the end of the day, it’s YOU who needs to be proactive and thorough in creating your dream career.”

We can’t wait to see what Claire does next!