Graduate Success Story – Cosmos U.

Cosmos U. – Alberta – Junior IT Analyst – 2023

Cosmos, a newcomer coming from Nigeria to Canada, faced challenges finding work due to a lack of Canadian experience and limited social support.

With a background in pharmaceutical sciences and administration, Cosmos had transferable skills that he wanted to apply within the field of tech. When he learned about NPower Canada, Cosmos knew this was an opportunity to bridge the gap between his existing knowledge and the demands of the Canadian job market.

During the Junior IT Analyst program, Cosmos was able to learn valuable skills that gave him an advantage in his future career path. “Through rigorous training and mentorship, I gained confidence and adaptability, enabling me to navigate challenges in the professional landscape,” he reflected.

Thanks to NPower Canada, Cosmos was able to envision himself working as a system administrator and gained the skills necessary to achieve that goal. The Junior IT Analyst program provided him with comprehensive training, which enhanced his qualifications and readiness for potential positions.

NPower Canada inspired Cosmos to grow personally and professionally. Right before his NPower Canada graduation ceremony, Cosmos found employment at Kelly Connect as a Customer Service Specialist. He expressed:

“Enrolling in an NPower Canada program offers a unique nexus between soft and hard skills. Recognize the value of this integrated approach, and actively participate in both technical and soft skill development opportunities. It’s a foundation that can set you apart in a competitive job market where a combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills is highly valued.”