Graduate Success Story – Dagmawit L.

Dagmawit – Junior IT Analyst – Ontario – May 2020 Graduate

The odds were stacked against Dagmawit when she sought a career in IT. She was in a new country and employment opportunities were few and far between, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. But that did not deter Dagmawit, who was referred to NPower Canada by a friend. “It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me,” she said, in short. We trained her in hard and soft skills that are crucial to the tech sector. Dagmawit was prepared for IT. She didn’t have to wait long. With our help, she was recruited by Rogers Communications.

NPower Canada, Dagmawit said, NPowered her to believe in herself and have faith that she could achieve anything she sets her mind to. Dagmawit now leads by example.

Since starting her role at Rogers, Dagmawit also enrolled as a student in biomedicine at York University and signed up for an alumni course with us. What drew her to NPower Canada a second time? The follow-ups, she said. “NPower Canada’s teachers, program coordinators and account management team are like family. Regardless of your employment status, NPower Canada continues to provide access to career guidance in IT long after you’ve graduated.”

Dagmawit has this to say for those considering joining the NPower Canada family:

“I urge you to go for it. Trust me, you will love everything about NPower Canada. You will gain important skills, certifications, and above all, employment opportunities even if we are in the middle of a pandemic!”