Graduate Success Story – Dallon B.

Dallon B. – Junior Data Analyst – British Columbia – May 2022

Dallon was making ends meet with a survival job as an overnight cleaner. He struggled with multiple barriers to meaningful employment and couldn’t see a way forward. As a member of the LGBTQ2S+Trans+ community, he faced discrimination and also struggled “in social settings as a person on the autism spectrum,” he shared.

Dallon had always wanted to work in code and was interested in automation. He heard about NPower Canada and was happy to learn the program was being delivered online, as it eased Dallon’s anxiety surrounding his sensitivity to sensory stimuli and his autism. He would be able to learn tech in the comfort of his own home. He enrolled in our Junior Data Analyst program and began to carve a new career path for himself.

In a comfortable environment, Dallon said the “social aspect of NPower Canada helped [him] gain confidence in engaging with people on a personal and work level.” He equipped himself with foundational professional and tech skills. With the right support, he began to trust in his own abilities.

“I credit the quality of the NPower Canada staff and program for helping me bridge the gap between the skills I had and what I needed to make those skills be of value in the workforce. Now, I can use the skills NPower Canada provided me with to continue to advance in my professional life, provide value to my family and community through higher level work and in general, enjoy my life,” Dallon shared.

Dallon hopes others will take advantage of the opportunities presented by NPower Canada:

“Fill out the application! If you have been looking for work for a while, then this is the world giving you a nudge in the right direction. Be open to the process. Be ready to work through the bugs. Make some connections. You’ll be spending lots of time with your classmates so make them feel as welcome as you want to feel.”

While still part of the program, Dallon was offered a coding position with Focus Professionals, with a salary almost double to what he was making before the program. We are so proud of Dallon and can’t wait to see where his hard work takes him next!