Graduate Success Story – Dhruv J.

Dhruv J. – Ontario – Junior IT Analyst – 2020 Graduate

Dhruv had experience in Mechanical Engineering from his home country, and began applying to jobs in the field as soon as he arrived in Canada. However, his lack of Canadian experience or education deterred employers, and it became difficult for Dhruv to manage expenses.

Discouraged from rejection after rejection, and needing to find a job to support himself and his wife financially, Dhruv took on survival jobs. He got a job in a factory, but found himself in physical pain at the end of each day. Something needed to change.

Dhruv had heard about NPower Canada when he first came to Canada, but the program was already full. He applied again in 2020 and began his journey into tech. After graduating from the program, Dhruv was immediately placed into a role with Rogers.

NPower Canada helped me to work on my skills and opened the door to a role at the best company,” Dhruv shared.

Today, Dhruv is working as a Fraud Analyst at Rogers, which he says is his dream job. To others considering the program, here’s what Dhruv has to say: 

Grab the opportunity to join the best program with the best people who will help you to achieve your goal. You will learn so many things which will not only help you get a job, but also give you the opportunity to work on yourself.”