Graduate Success Story – Emmanuel N.

Emmanuel N. – Nova Scotia – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Emmanuel is a proud graduate of NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program, who felt that his “journey into the world of technology has been nothing short of transformative” and was “deeply honored to share his story” at our recent graduation ceremony. Moving to Canada from Nigeria came with a unique set of challenges that Emmanuel took in stride and was able to overcome thanks to NPower Canada’s support.

Prior to discovering NPower Canada, Emmanuel worked as a swimming pool attendant and often yearned for a career path that would offer him more value. He had a desire to work in the tech industry because of its “innovation and endless possibilities”. Like many other newcomers, Emmanuel was not sure of how to make this career goal a reality, new to navigating the Canadian workforce.

Emmanuel heard about NPower Canada through “the stories of transformation it had woven into the lives of others”. Emmanuel reflected on what appealed to him the most about NPower Canada. He said, “It was the promise of a brighter future and a chance to break free from the constraints that held me back.”

During his time in the Junior IT Analyst program, Emmanuel enjoyed learning in a growth-oriented environment. He felt supported by a community that shared common values and lived experiences of individuals that were determined and motivated to achieve their goals. These were the aspects of the program that Emmanuel appreciated the most, along with the camaraderie he found among his peers, the guidance of his mentors and the “wealth of knowledge” he earned throughout.

By the end of the program, Emmanuel was surprised and proud of his newly attained skills. Obtaining his certification was a testament to the hard work he had done.

“The program equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary for my job search. And today, I am thrilled to announce that I have found employment using skills I learnt from NPower Canada,” he remarked.

Going from working as a swimming pool attendant to working for Eastlink as a customer service specialist has changed the trajectory of Emmanuel’s life, both personally and professionally.
He can now “see a path illuminated by the possibilities of cybersecurity. My aspirations have expanded, and my dreams have grown.”

As Emmanuel moves into his next chapter as an alumni, he “plans to take full advantage of the alumni support that NPower Canada offers” and continue to be a part of the community to show his support to fellow alumni.

When Emmanuel was asked to share some words with his graduating class, he said, “Let’s carry the determination, motivation, perseverance, and positivity that brought us here today into every corner of our lives. Our journey has just begun, and I have no doubt that each one of us will go on to achieve greatness.”

Congratulations Emmanuel and we are excited for this new chapter of your journey!