Graduate Success Story – Franky D.

Franky D. – Quebec – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Franky arrived in Quebec in 2022 with a degree in physics. However, once in Canada, he had trouble finding a job. After some research, it became clear that Franky needed Canadian experience or education, but with financial difficulties, Franky didn’t know where to turn.

A friend of Franky’s told him about NPower Canada’s ParcoursTech programs. Franky was interested in IT, and he knew that technical skills could open many doors. “It was an early passion, a fascination with computers and the endless possibilities they offer. It was also a conscious strategic decision considering the opportunities and the growing demand in the field of IT,” Franky said. He applied to our program and began the Junior IT Analyst program.

Franky faced challenges during the program. “I encountered complex projects and tight deadlines. But I learned to work as a team, to seek creative solutions, and never to give up in the face of adversity. These challenges made me stronger and more resilient, ready to face whatever the IT industry has in store for me,” Franky said.

With the help of instructors, Franky was able to complete the program and was selected to be the Quebec graduation speaker at NPower Canada’s graduation ceremony, where he shared: “Competent and passionate instructors who shared their expertise with me, practical projects that allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge, and networking opportunities that allowed us to meet industry professionals. All of these elements contributed to my growth and prepared me for the world of work.”

We are very proud of Franky and look forward to seeing him succeed in IT!