Graduate Success Story – Gonzalo C

Gonzalo C. – Québec  – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Gonzalo was barely able to make ends meet and pay all of his bills before he joined NPower Canada’s program. He was very stressed financially, and wanted a more meaningful career.

I was in a precarious financial situation that stressed me too much. I couldn’t find work and the rapid rising cost of living was frustrating me even more,” Gonzalo said.

Gonzalo was happy to hear that NPower Canada now offered their TechPathways programs in Québec in French, and he was part of the inaugural cohort in the province. He was very passionate and worked hard.

NPower Canada allowed me to improve my skills and improve my CV. The training wasn’t easy, but with the support of my peers and instructors, it was possible to finish the program with success,” shared Gonzalo.

Gonzalo has just graduated from the program and has already landed a job as a Technical Assistant at CGI.