Graduate Success Story – Haley T.

Haley T. – Ontario – Junior IT Analyst – 2021 Graduate

In a world where access to opportunities are limited by various circumstances, Haley’s journey is an inspiring story of true transformation. From facing struggles with stable employment to difficulty navigating the ever changing job market after university, to now being employed as a Client Account Representative at Manulife, Haley has taken control of her future and career.

Haley graduated from university with a degree in communications in 2019. After graduating, she struggled to find work in her field. She was interested in tech, but had no prior experience in the sector. Her brother found out about NPower Canada through a workshop, applied and encouraged Haley to do the same. Eager to find a stable career and interested in IT, Haley did in-depth research to learn more about NPower Canada and our initiatives. She felt optimistic that enrolling would help her get her foot in the door and be a positive step towards her future and career goals in IT.

The impact NPower Canada has had on Haley was profound. She ended up finding her first job as a Client Account Representative at Manulife. She said:

“It opened the best door for my career, it gave me the opportunity to work my first corporate job at a very established company that I would’ve never been afforded the opportunity before NPower Canada.”

Haley continues to have big dreams for her future, wishing to combine her education in Marketing & Communications with her new experience in tech. With the support of NPower Canada, she hopes to grow into a related role at her current place of work, Manulife.

See what Haley has to say to anyone else considering the Junior IT Analyst Program at NPower Canada:

“Absolutely take the chance and do it! So many doors and opportunities have been given to me because of the NPower Canada program that I would have never had before.”