Graduate Success Story – Hlupekire B.

Hlupekire B. – Nova Scotia – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Hlupekire was working as an aesthetician in Malawi but wanted to find a safer and more stable place for her family. She moved to Canada as a refugee claimant and settled in Halifax.

As a single mother of two children, Hlupekire was hesitant to continue her career as an aesthetician, as it would require working in-person. With the cost of childcare so high, she was hoping to find a remote job. Hlupekire began to consider a career in tech, as it offers diverse remote opportunities, but lacked the education or experience.

That’s when Hlupekire’s friend introduced her to NPower Canada. “The entire journey was interesting, but my favourite part was learning about IT security.” Hlupekire found her passion in tech and worked hard to learn everything she could during the program.

“Achieving the certification was overwhelming considering the transition of my career. I now feel equipped and ready to take on new challenges in the world of Information Technology,” shared Hlupekire. Hlupekire graduated from the Junior IT Analyst program in December, and feels optimistic about her job search.

We wish Hlupekire all the best in her career endeavors and can’t wait to support her throughout her journey!