Graduate Success Story – Immaculate K.

Immaculate K. – Ontario– Junior Data Analyst – 2023

Meet Immaculate, a former tax and legal advisor at PwC in Uganda, who dreamed of experiencing life in a new country to upskill her career path. She completed NPower Canada’s Junior Data Analyst program in December 2023 and was selected as Ontario’s graduate speaker.

When Immaculate moved to Canada, she realized she had potential in the field of tech. “I love solving complex problems, being innovative and bringing ideas to life,” she shared.

However, when she began job searching, she faced similar challenges that many newcomers face: “I had difficulty obtaining suitable housing, financial difficulties and unemployment as most jobs require Canadian experience that I did not have.”

It wasn’t until Immaculate started attending networking events that she discovered NPower Canada’s programs through a recommendation. After researching each program and being inspired by the success stories of individuals with similar backgrounds, Immaculate confidently applied for the Junior Data Analyst program, eager to eventually share her own success story.

During Immaculate’s time with NPower Canada, she enjoyed the positivity of her instructors and the relatable moments with her scrum group when they worked together through challenging group projects. She also enjoyed the networking opportunities, such as spending a day at Deloitte’s offices, and learning about IBM’s tools for success.

“The feeling I got when I earned a certification for each course felt like winning the Olympics. My brain muscles felt like they were stretched, especially when we did coding,” Immaculate remembered. Despite the program’s short duration, Immaculate was amazed by how much she learned and the qualifications she gained.

The personal development sessions also provided her with essential job search support, offering insights into the Canadian job market and equipping her with tools and networking opportunities. Immaculate shared, “I realized that continuous learning, curiosity, and adaptability are key to success in the course and beyond.”

Upon completion of the program, Immaculate felt it had transformed her life, enhancing both her technological and career skills. “This program has shaped me into a resilient, resourceful person ready to tackle the data-driven world,” she told NPower Canada. She continued, “I have had employers seeking me out and contacting me directly from sites like Linkedin and indeed. I have not found employment yet but have got a lot of prospects from various organizations. I am confident that with the technical skills that I have obtained and the training from the personal development sessions, I will not last 2 months unemployed.”

When asked for a piece of advice to give to anyone else considering NPower Canada, this is what Immaculate had to say:

“The future is promising. Let us go forth with confidence, curiosity, and a commitment to create a better world.”

Congratulations, Immaculate! We can’t wait to see where your journey will take you next!