Graduate Success Story – Jessica O.

Jessica O. – Alberta – Junior IT Analyst – 2023
As a newcomer to Canada, Jessica faced challenges common for immigrants arriving in a new country. Jessica found herself wanting to upgrade her skills so she could work in the tech industry, and set out to find a program that was right for her. She applied to many tech training programs but struggled to find training that would help her gain adequate experience on her journey to finding meaningful employment.

Jessica persisted in her search and stumbled across NPower Canada, and described her time with NPower Canada as transformative. The program not only taught her the value of technical skills, but networking, learning and seeing her professional potential from another perspective. Jessica appreciated the “emphasis on technical skills, problem solving skills and presentation skills” which “ensured that she entered the workforce with…the ability to apply the skills in real world scenarios”. She also expressed her gratitude for the mentorship opportunities the program offered even after graduation.

NPower Canada also helped Jessica in more personal ways. She shared, “The program instilled in me a sense of confidence and resilience… It has been a game changer for me. Participating in this program has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional development, significantly shaping the trajectory of my career.” During the program, she learned how to use her transferable skills as a flight attendant to stand out as a valuable addition to the Junior IT Analyst cohort.

With the help of NPower Canada, Jessica was able to see the way forward in her career path in a brand new way. Now, her dream job is to become a quality assurance tester for a tech company.

When asked to share a word of advice for those considering tech training with NPower Canada, Jessica chimed in:

“During the program, embrace the learning journey and take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided by NPower Canada. The programs are designed to equip you with relevant skills and knowledge, so embrace the learning journey with enthusiasm and dedication. The more you contribute and immerse yourself in the program, the more you will gain from the experience. Define clear career goals and objectives before and during the program. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the learning process.”

She continued, “In summary, enrolling in an NPower Canada program is a significant step toward personal and professional growth. Embrace the opportunities, stay engaged, and leverage the resources available to you. The skills and experiences gained through NPower Canada can truly pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career.”