Graduate Success Story – Jose D.

José D. – Junior IT Analyst & Google Project Management – Nova Scotia – January 2022 –

José immigrated to Canada from Mexico in 2008. He faced his fair share of employment challenges, unable to land a job that he felt passionate about. He worked survival jobs and struggled to find sustainable employment during the process of becoming a permanent resident.

After obtaining his PR, José still had little success hearing back from employers. That’s when he stumbled upon a post on LinkedIn about NPower Canada. He looked into our Junior IT Analyst program and applied for our September 2021 cohort.

Throughout the program, José developed essential professional skills, such as time management, communication, and organizational skills. He also built meaningful relationships with his peers. José said, “participating in scrum groups and supporting each other during the course was very important. It allowed me to become a better communicator and get used to working in a virtual setting. I was also able to receive feedback from my peers, and provide help when needed.”

Shortly after graduating from our program, José landed a role with Eastlink. “Thanks to the support, teachings, and group dynamics from NPower Canada, I gained the essential confidence and insight that is required to land a role in today’s job market,” José shared.

Now, José is continuing his personal and professional growth with our Google Project Management alumni program – the time management skills he learned in our core program sure are coming in handy! He dreams of becoming a Project Management Professional and is taking the necessary steps to get there.

For others interested in entering the tech industry, José had this to say:

“In my opinion, joining an NPower Canada program is a no-brainer. Anyone who enrolls in one of these programs will be much better off after completing their certifications. Even though it requires commitment and sacrifice, the reward to be gained is totally worth it. Put in the work and your efforts throughout the program will be noticed, and your determination will lead to the outcome you want.”