Graduate Success Story – Joshua M.

Joshua M. – Junior IT Analyst – Ontario – March 2017

Joshua dropped out of school at 16. Only a year later, he found himself in a difficult position without stable housing. He was reliant on odd jobs and social assistance, without the education required to obtain meaningful employment.

Determined to get back on track, Joshua was dedicated to completing his GED. He then enrolled in an NPower Canada program. While Joshua struggled at first to readjust to being a student, NPower Canada instructors coached him on how to be an active learner.

Joshua learned a lot from the professional development sessions. He got a better understanding of what to expect from a corporate environment and how to connect and network effectively. This experience helped him land his first internship, with the City of Toronto.

“Coincidentally, the organization I had been reliant on for the last few years, Toronto Employment & Social Services, would now be my employer. It gave me an interesting way to give back the support I received over the years.”

Joshua also participated in our Google Project Management alumni program, which allowed him to further elevate his career. He now works as a Knowledge Management Lead for Compugen Inc. He is hopeful for his future, and one day, would love to be a Game Design Director.