Graduate Success Story – Kareem M.

Kareem Marie – British Columbia – Junior IT Analyst –  September 2022 Graduation

Ever since Kareem was a little boy, he loved computers. When he came to Canada in 2020, he wanted to turn his passion for tech into a career. Yet, without knowledge of the Canadian market, and not knowing how to properly market himself on his resume or in interviews, Kareem wasn’t getting called back.

When Kareem read about NPower Canada on a Reddit thread, he decided to investigate further. After browsing our website, Kareem was excited by the opportunity to learn more about tech and build his professional skills. He enrolled in our Junior IT Analyst program.

“The program gave me something to wake up for. It tremendously increased my drive, and reignited my passion for IT. It made me realize that if you really want something, you can achieve it,” Kareem shared.

Kareem thoroughly enjoyed learning how to identify and solve complex computer problems – he claims “there is no better joy than solving a really frustrated client’s problems.” He also participated in our mentorship program and connected with a professional from Microsoft which helped guide him and help him figure out what kind of career in tech was best suited for him.

After graduating from our program, Kareem landed a role as a Digital Transformation Consultant at WBM Technologies. He thoroughly enjoys what he does, and looks forward to progressing his tech career.

When asked what Kareem would say to others considering the program, here’s what he had to say:

“NPower Canada is not only a program for you to study IT, but an overall package that sets you up from A to Z to enter and succeed in the current Canadian job market. You should absolutely enroll; it is a life changing experience, with opportunities that push you to create positive impact and growth in your life.”