Graduate Success Story – Kent C.

Kent C. – Nova Scotia – Junior IT Analyst –  May 2022 Graduation

Although Kent has some experience in IT and Graphic Design, he hadn’t kept up with it in recent years and didn’t have the most up-to-date skills. Kent also lacked formal training and didn’t have a certification to back up his knowledge. To refresh his skills, gain knowledge in today’s most in-demand skills, and to obtain formal training and a tech certification, Kent enrolled in our Junior IT Analyst program.

“The environment is perfect for somebody who finds computers interesting and really enjoys learning about them. The teachers are so helpful and excited to be there. Without a doubt, NPower Canada is the best place for somebody to learn,” Kent shared.

The program provided Kent with a thorough understanding of computer tech fundamentals, and how to apply some of the skills he learned through personal experience to a professional environment. “I am also much more confident in my ability to learn more advanced and challenging skills now that I have foundational knowledge that I truly trust,” Kent explained.

After graduating from our program with his newfound confidence, Kent decided to enroll in further education. He is currently studying IT Programming part time at Nova Scotia Community College, and working part time as a QA Tester for Carbide, a cybersecurity company. We can’t wait to see what he does next!