Graduate Success Story – Leul A.

Leul – Junior Data Analyst – Alberta – May 2021 Graduate

Before Leul joined NPower Canada, he struggled to land a job. Leul applied to countless job openings but he wasn’t receiving many responses. When he followed up with employers, he learned that it was his lack of formal IT education and work experience that was holding him back from achieving his career goals.

Leul enrolled in NPower Canada’s Junior Data Analyst program in January 2021, where he quickly found a community amongst like minded peers. While in the program, Leul was positive and highly engaged with both NPower Canada’s staff and his fellow participants. Leul especially enjoyed meeting with his Scrum team every morning, where they chatted and joked and provided support to one another before starting the day’s activities. 

Two weeks before he graduated from the Junior Data Analyst program in May 2021, Leul landed his first IT role with Long View Systems as a Systems Consultant in Calgary. He has since been promoted to a Technical Lead. Leul credits NPower Canada for giving him the opportunity to obtain multiple industry-recognized certifications. He also gained valuable professional skills, such as resume writing and interview preparation. In his words, “This has been a goal of mine for years and thanks to the amazing team at NPower Canada, I was able to take my first steps into a field that I am passionate about.”

In recognition of his great attitude and enthusiasm for learning, Leul was nominated to speak at his graduation ceremony in May about his experiences with the program. Unsurprisingly, Leul was insightful, reflective, and funny as he spoke earnestly about the impact NPower Canada has had on his life and career aspirations.

Leul is excited to see where his first IT role leads him in the future. As for what advice he would give to others considering NPower Canada’s programs, Leul says:

“Say yes. You will have the support of an amazing team in the NPower staff and all of your fellow participants as well. This is a wonderful opportunity, not just during the program, but also the five years of alumni support that you will have access to is invaluable.”