Graduate Success Story – Marvin V.

Marvin – Junior Security and Quality Assurance Program – Ontario – September 2021 Graduate

Marvin was working in the events industry when COVID-19 hit. He unfortunately lost his job in January of 2020. With a wife and son to support, and another child on the way, Marvin needed to find other employment quickly. “After multiple rejections, a few interviews, and hundreds of job applications, my confidence was very low, and as a result, it also affected my self-worth,” he remembers.

The uncertainty of COVID-19 weighed heavily on Marvin. Knowing that the events industry was unstable, he considered other options. “I ended up exploring different career paths, but a lot of the programs that existed were a year long and cost thousands of dollars. All these potential career paths involved both time and money that I didn’t have, considering I have my own family,” Marvin shared.

His wife stumbled upon an Financial Post article featuring NPower Canada on social media. He was interested in the Junior Security Quality Assurance program and was thrilled that he could be certified in three months. “A lot of employers look to see if you are educating yourself aside from professional career experience. I think the CompTIA+ certification I earned is very significant and valuable for future candidates looking for a job in the IT world. It shows that you are open to learning new things which is always valued.”

While completing the program, Marvin’s confidence was restored. He soon realized that “we all have it within us to be the best that we can be, sometimes we just need someone to show us. In my case, it was through NPower [Canada].”