Graduate Success Story – Melina K

Melina K. – Nova Scotia  – Junior IT Analyst – 2022 Graduate

When Melina completed college certifications, she jumped around from sector to sector, not quite sure what she wanted to do. She worked in retail, banking, and most recently, as a ESL teacher, but when the pandemic hit, she lost her job. 

Forced to rely on income assistance, Melina began to consider what her options were. She hadn’t been passionate about most of the roles she had held, and she wanted to find a more fulfilling career path. “I didn’t have the skills or confidence to build a career I could grow in,” shared Melina.

Despite her doubts, Melina enrolled in NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program. Although the material was new to her, she worked hard. “You get out of the program what you put into it,” Melina said. “The instructors were so supportive when you tried your hardest.”

Throughout the program, Melina began to believe in herself again.

I now have a wealth of new confidence and learned a lot about myself. My ambition has grown exponentially both during and after completing the program. I want to go as far as I can,” Melina explained.

Equipped with foundational tech skills and a new, positive mindset, Melina landed a role shortly after graduating from the program. She currently works as a Tier 1 Technical Support for Eastlink, and is looking forward to continuing to learn to progress her career.