Graduate Success Story – Mohit R.

Mohit R. – Ontario – Junior Data Analyst- 2023

Mohit moved to Canada from India in the hopes of gaining more experience within the field of technology. Equipped with an educational background in computer engineering, Mohit applied to multiple jobs, however he was not receiving responses to his applications. He was at a crossroads,not knowing how to proceed until he stumbled across NPower Canada on LinkedIn.

Upon learning about NPower Canada’s programs, Mohit applied for the Junior Data Analyst program and was excited to begin.

Throughout his time in the program, Mohit was able to grow and develop the skills he needed to succeed in the Canadian job market. He reflected, “The program helped me build a network, raise my confidence, understand the market expectations, and, lastly, gain valuable knowledge in the data analytics space.”

Mohit shared, “My dream job is to lead a team of data analysts while working for a global firm.”
With the support of NPower Canada’s Junior Data Analyst program, he was able to work toward achieving his long term goal. Shortly after his graduation from NPower Canada, Mohit went onto work at Deloitte as a Junior Data Analyst.

When asked to offer some words of wisdom to those considering NPower Canada’s training programs, Mohit had this to say:

“I was struggling for almost a year to break into the Canadian job market when I started my journey with NPower Canada’s Junior Data Analyst program. Amongst the decisions I had to take during this difficult time, joining the program was the best that I could take. Even with 8 years of professional experience before joining, I learned something new on a daily basis that brought me closer to securing a job. NPower Canada was instrumental in bringing me a job opportunity which eventually became my first job in Canada. I can’t be thankful enough.”