Graduate Success Story – Monica P.

Monica – Junior Data Analyst & Google Project Management – Alberta – October 2021 Graduate

Monica arrived in Canada in 2018. Despite having an electrical engineering degree from Romania, she was having no luck finding a job in that field here, as she lacked Canadian experience.

Monica was eager to learn more about data analysis and programming. She enrolled in our Junior Data Analyst program in May 2021. She learned new concepts quickly and developed her professional skills, giving her a thirst for more – she enrolled in our Google Project Management program shortly after graduating from the Junior Data Analyst program.

When asked about how the programs impacted her, Monica said, “I feel that the NPower Canada programs helped me to communicate my ideas better, to be more organized, and allowed me to get to know amazing people from the NPower Canada community. When we are in the right community, we excel together.”

Monica is currently employed by Long View Systems, one of NPower Canada’s long standing employer partners. Her dream role is any position that allows her to make an impact and inspire the people she works with, and NPower Canada helped her get a step closer to that dream.

When asked what advice she would give to individuals considering our programs, Monica framed NPower Canada programs “as a stepping stone in their career path.” She also noted,

“Your journey does not end once the program is finished. NPower Canada gives you support for 5 years, which gives you confidence that you have a professional team helping to contribute to your future success.”