Graduate Success Story – Olena K.

Olena K. – Nova Scotia – Junior IT Analyst – 2022 Graduate

Olena spoke at our national graduation ceremony – check out her speech by clicking the video below!

We have all heard about the ongoing war in Ukraine, but Olena was living the nightmare. Olena was living with her husband and kids in Ukraine, managing a number of small businesses, but everything changed the day the war started. For days, her family feared for their lives as they slept through explosions. This was no way to live – they needed to escape.

“In one day, we lost everything we had, everything we invested into, everything we loved, built and hoped for. In one day, we left with nothing but we had each other. We saved our family, the most important resource, and looked towards a new life to a safer place: Canada,” Olena shared.

Having left suddenly and with nothing, Olena knew she needed to jump start her career in Canada to support her family, but had limited resources. When she heard about NPower Canada’s free tech program in Nova Scotia, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Olena enjoyed learning foundational tech skills, as well as building new social and professional networks in her new home.

“I jumped into learning about IT, building new social and professional networks, and finding myself in an entirely new community. The staff were very helpful, we always had support and could rely on them. Now, I feel confident and equipped with valuable knowledge.”

While still completing the program, Olena was able to find a role as a Financial Clerk in the Town of Berwick, which she views as a great start for her career here in Canada. She is eager to continue learning and one day secure a role as a Data Analyst.

Olena shared her story at our January 2023 National Graduation Ceremony, and ended her speech with the following remarks:

“I’m very grateful to all staff members, funders ,and partner organizations for this life-changing opportunity. Your work matters. You make a real impact on people’s lives.”