Graduate Success Story – Rachael K.

Rachael K. – Alberta – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Rachael, from Alberta, recently celebrated her completion of NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program and had the opportunity to share her experience at our September 2023 National Graduation Ceremony.
With a background in Administration, Rachael had experience working in administrative assistant roles. While working in such roles, she grew curious about understanding the software she was working with. When a friend told her about NPower Canada, Rachael saw our courses as a stepping-stone into her true calling: working in the IT field. “I was very excited when I was informed of my acceptance into the program. I made sure I put extra effort into my studies,” she recalled.

Rachael was always looking for ways to grow and improve, and believed in maximizing her potential. As a mother of two children, Rachael wanted to set an example for her family and offer them all a brighter future. “I wanted to take on something more challenging mentally and push myself to be part of solving whatever problem that comes my way. There are opportunities for me to give my all in IT and NPower Canada made it possible to start climbing the most important ladder of my career,” Rachael reflected.

An aspect Rachael enjoyed in the Junior IT Analyst program was the professional development sessions. As a personal growth enthusiast, she found it inspiring to “learn something outside of [the tech] class and at the same time getting encouragement from people who believe in our success.”

Rachael also appreciated her instructors for encouraging her to stay motivated, even in times of struggle. The support of her instructors led Rachael to a great transformation that surprised her as well.
During the graduation ceremony, Rachael expressed her gratitude toward NPower Canada because our program offered her the support and skills to be admitted into the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to study the Digital Media, IT and Business Analyst program.

Rachael shared a piece of wisdom to her fellow graduates, and future NPower Canada participants:

“I strongly believe that anyone curious enough should take the step as well and join this beautiful train I got on when I started the Junior IT Analyst Program with NPower Canada. Someone once said, “the journey of a lifetime starts with one step” so I am encouraging someone who needs to hear this – Take the first step, make that move today. After making that move don’t ever look back again, keep moving forward and make the best of it all ”

Congratulations, Rachael! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and we’ll always be here to offer you support.