Graduate Success Story – Ruchita D.

Ruchita – ReNEW – Ontario – October 2021 Graduate

Ruchita was working in an administrative role in a construction company when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She quickly became worried when her company started laying people off. Getting that survival job had been tough – despite her Masters degree from her home country, Ruchita found it difficult to find work without Canadian experience. She said, “I would apply to many roles but I would not get shortlisted.”

The only sector that seemed untouched by mass layoffs was the tech field, which had always interested Ruchita, but she had never found the time to pursue education in tech. She considered enrolling in another Masters program in Canada, but the time and financial resources were obstacles. She needed to find another way to break into the IT sector. “That’s when I got to know NPower Canada through one of my friends,” Ruchita recalled.

She was ecstatic when she heard about our pilot program, ReNEW, specifically for individuals 31+. Despite being excited, Ruchita was also “extremely fearful of exploring a new career, especially IT, because […] for me to learn everything from the basics seemed [like a] humongous task.” However, with NPower Canada’s help, Ruchita would take on the challenge and tackle the daunting task.

She was hoping to gain relevant tech skills and have support in landing a job. She was pleasantly surprised that all students were given individual support throughout and after completing the program. Although networking during the pandemic proved to be difficult, Ruchita was happy that by participating in NPower Canada’s program, she was able to connect with other individuals whose career goals matched hers, and attend virtual networking events with industry experts. The virtual delivery model also meant that Ruchita was able to keep her job while participating in the program, “because it was virtual, because it was COVID, I was able to tackle both.”

“As soon as I finished the course, I got a job,” Ruchita proudly told us. “The program helped me land my first IT role in a great company, Loblaws. I was able to break into an in-demand career in IT. I have become more confident in my personal and professional life and now I am more optimistic about my future than I was before. This course definitely opened several avenues for me.”

When asked what she would tell people considering a career in tech, Ruchita explained that the best thing about tech is that there are so many options and fields you can choose to work in. She also advised them to enroll in one of NPower Canada’s programs,

“NPower Canada is a great organization to be associated with. The course format is highly flexible and can be completed while managing other priorities. NPower Canada has all the resources that will help you land your first role in the tech sector and the support you will get post getting the first role is also tremendous. They don’t leave you on your own. NPower Canada does help you move up the ladder in your career.”

Ruchita is also currently enrolled in one of NPower Canada’s Alumni Programs, our Google Project Management program.