Graduate Success Story – Shanmugadeepan S.

Shanmugadeepan S. – Ontario  – Junior IT Analyst & Google Project Management –  September 2021

Shanmugadeepan was searching for employment, but with the pandemic in full swing, there were few opportunities available. Shanmugadeepan needed someone to give him a chance – but after applying to over a hundred jobs, he still hadn’t received a call back.

When he heard about NPower Canada, Shanmugadeepan saw the opportunity to gain much-needed experience and education. He was drawn to the fact that our Junior IT Analyst program was only 3 months long, as he was eager to find stable employment and income so he could pay off his debts and start building a life for himself.

Shanmugadeepan learned a lot in our Junior IT Analyst program. “I have grown in many aspects: professionally, personally, and in my career progression,” Shanmugadeepan says. Keen to continue learning and pursue his dream of becoming a Project Manager, Shanmugadeepan enrolled in our Google Project Management alumni program.

While completing the Google Project Management program, Shanmugadeepan landed his first internship with Able Dales. Shortly after completing that internship, he obtained a full-time role with Document Direction Limited.

“My dream is to be an entrepreneur, and NPower Canada has helped me move closer to having a stable job in the project management field,” Shanmugadeepan shared. “Do the program, it’s a great, life-changing opportunity.”

We can’t wait to see how Shanmugadeepan progresses in his career!