Graduate Success Story – Shannon C.

Prior to joining NPower Canada, Shannon had been struggling to find a job for almost six months. Shannon lacked the qualifications for  roles that she wanted, holding only a high school diploma. She wanted to enhance her skill set, but was  unsure of how to proceed. 

When she learned about NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program, a world of new possibilities opened up, which prompted Shannon to apply right away. 

NPower Canada’s program taught Shannon how to expand her mind by engaging in different activities such as personal development coaching and working in scrum groups. This ultimately helped her combine her prior customer service skills with her new technological skills. 

The power of a supportive community is what offered Shannon additional confidence and she felt that she was “given a chance to learn in a different way than what she was used to.” 

When asked for advice for potential NPower Canada candidates, Shannon’s response was straightforward: 

“Just go for it! This might just be the best decision you could make for yourself!” 

Shannon’s journey showcases the power of grit, determination and the willingness to persevere through challenges to learn new skills. She went from facing obstacles to confidently celebrating her new skills, which highlights the importance of the right training and mindset.