Graduate Success Story – Tobi A.

Tobi A. – Manitoba – Junior IT Analyst – 2023

Tobi, hailing from Nigeria, had a degree in computer science and previously worked with the Nigerian government as a Program Analyst and Procurement Officer. Since coming to Canada, she worked at the Canadian Revenue Agency and as an overnight Youth Care Practitioner. Tobi wanted to transfer her relevant skills into the tech field and eventually break into the world of cybersecurity.

When she decided to return to her original field of computer science, Tobi faced various challenges going back into IT after her hiatus. She described her biggest obstacle to be “catching up with the fast-paced changes in technology during my break.”

In order to match the industry standards, Tobi had to take a step back and find resources to elevate and realign her knowledge to fit into the Canadian workforce. Tobi said, “Another obstacle I faced was adapting to the local job market and understanding the specific requirements and expectations of employers in Canada.”

On top of that, she was not sure of which area of IT to focus on, as she had several interests. Tobi felt lost and knew she needed something different, though not sure of what.

When Tobi learned about NPower Canada, it seemed to be the solution to her challenges. The program offered her the chance to “fill the gaps” in her skills through focused and practical training along with mentorship opportunities. Tobi gained the essential skills she needed to get back into technology, knowing she would make an impact in her new home in Canada.

Tobi reflected, “During the program, I gained valuable hands-on experience, significantly boosting my appeal to employers… The combination of theoretical learning from Coursera, resources from workshops and collaborative scrum group meetings created an immediate avenue to apply newly acquired knowledge, making the learning experience meaningful.”

She continued, “The program also assisted me in gaining insights into current industry trends, identifying job opportunities and connecting with employers. It helped me understand the specific requirements and expectations of employers in Canada. I tailored my resume to meet local standards and feel more confident in my search.”

After completing her certificate, Tobi was able to pinpoint where she wanted to be in the tech field: cybersecurity. Since NPower Canada’s program had training in this area, Tobi felt well-equipped to make a smooth transition into cybersecurity.

She shared, “NPower Canada has been a crucial stepping stone, providing the necessary education, practical experience, and support to bring me closer to my desired career in cybersecurity.”

When asked for some words of advice to anyone considering NPower Canada, here is what Tobi had to say:

“Enrolling in an NPower Canada program is more than just an educational opportunity—it’s a journey toward constructing a thriving career. Seize the available resources and actively engage in your own professional growth. Understand that achieving success in any program demands commitment and dedication. Be ready to dedicate time and effort to coursework, practical, and any supplementary activities that contribute to advancing your professional development.”