Graduate Success Story – Ugo O.

Ugo O. – Nova Scotia – Junior IT Analyst –  September 2022 Graduation

When Ugo came to Canada in 2018, he thought he would be able to start his career in tech right away. He had a degree from Nigeria, and had taught some Information Technology courses, but the transition wasn’t as easy as he had hoped.

“I faced several challenges getting a new job as a new immigrant to Canada. After working for 14 years in my home country, I still wasn’t considered to have the experience necessary to enter the Canadian workforce,” Ugo shared.

Ugo was adamant about pursuing a career in tech but unable to afford further education in Canada. He searched for ways he could expand his knowledge and skills, which is when the Association of Nigerians in Nova Scotia directed him towards NPower Canada.

Ugo enrolled in our Junior IT Analyst program and learned new soft skills while brushing up on his technical skills, learning what skills he needed to be successful in the Canadian workforce. “NPower Canada helped nurture my career change into the tech sector, and build my confidence. Today, I can talk about IT support with confidence,” he shared.

For other job-seekers in a similar position to him, here’s what Ugo had to say:

“NPower Canada’s programs are a good start for new immigrants in Canada, and for those needing a career change. It is the first step to reaching your goals and aspirations.”