Graduate Success Story – Wilmer G.

Wilmer – Junior IT Analyst – Ontario – December 2020 Graduate

Before he found NPower Canada, Wilmer searched and applied to many jobs, but was not having any success. From a young age, he had been interested in tech, but wasn’t sure how to break into the competitive field without a degree. Putting himself “in debt for 4 more years of school and uncertainty wasn’t an ideal option,” he shared.

The Local 75 Union that Wilmer was a part of informed him about NPower Canada and our free tech training programs. He was excited about the opportunity, believing it could lead him to a career that was sustainable and that he also enjoyed. It had come exactly at the right time, as job searching was becoming even more challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He quickly realized he had made the right choice in joining our Junior IT Analyst program. It provided him with everything he needed. NPower Canada gave him the tools, education, and assistance in finding a position that would lead to success.

The NPower Canada program not only helped Wilmer land his first job, but to quickly climb up the career ladder. Wilmer said that NPower Canada, “gave me the tools I needed to succeed and gave me the edge in an ever changing and ever evolving industry.” Within a year of obtaining his first ever IT position, Wilmer had been promoted to a supervisor. He attributes his growth in the industry to NPower Canada.

When asked what advice he has for people considering one of our programs, here’s what Wilmer had to say,

“Do it, and I promise you, you will not regret it. You will be thanking yourself a year from now.”